Track Key:
 Active Directory Management and Architecture Advanced Troubleshooting for Servers and Applications
 Architecting and Administering Microsoft Exchange Automated Windows Deployment
 Deep Dive: Becoming an ESXpert! Mastering VMware vSphere in Your IT Environment Deep Dive: Mastering Windows PowerShell
 Deep Dive: MCITP - Server Administrator Certification Mini Boot Camp Deep Dive Windows Deployment University
 Getting More out of your Existing IT Investment Keynotes
 Managing Windows SharePoint Security and Malware Protection
 Virtualization Windows PowerShell
Speakers EVENT
  TU10  Exchange 2010 Capacity Management: Scaling your Email from 10 Users to 10,000
  TU10  Exchange 2010 Capacity Management: Scaling your Email from 10 Users to 10,000
  TH9  How to Virtualize and Disaster Proof Your Exchange Environment
  TU14  Implementing and Securing Outlook for Out-of-the-Office Users
  TH17  Restructuring Your Active Directory Forest: Strategies for Guaranteed Success
  TH13  Restructuring your Active Directory Forest: What Tools Are Available?
  POST1  Tutorial: Migrating to Exchange 2010 in Seven Easy Steps
  TH1  Dangerous Documents: Identifying and Protecting Your Data from Malware
  TH20  Practical Wireless Security on a Budget
  TH5  Real-World Strategies in Protecting Against Dangerous Web Sites
  TH16  Simple Solutions for Data Security on Laptops, USB Drives, and Other Portable Devices
  TU15  Active Directory's Forgotten Foundation: Optimizing your AD Sites
  TU11  DFS Namespaces: The Cheapskate's File System Virtualization
  WE7  Double Session: Structured Active Directory and AD Replication Troubleshooting
  WE3  How Healthy is Your Active Directory? Your AD Checkup Checklist
  TH10  Installing and Upgrading to SharePoint 2010
  TH18  SharePoint Document Libraries: The New File Share
  TH14  Wish I’d Have Known That Sooner! SharePoint Insanity Demystified
  WE14  Automating AD Administration in Windows PowerShell
  WE2  Convert your Brain from VBScript to Windows PowerShell
  WE6  Double Session: The Windows PowerShell Crash Course
  TU6  Managing SQL Server for Admins Whod Really Rather Not
  TH6  PowerShell Error Handling and Debugging
  TH2  Windows PowerShell Scripting and Modularization: Build Your Own Tools
  WE10  Windows PowerShell: Eight Tips and Tricks to Make You a Guru
  WE8  Double Session: Finding the Root Cause of Windows Crashes and Blue Screens
  WE15  Five Real-World Uses of Failover Clustering You Should Implement Immediately
  WE11  The Very Best Tools for Troubleshooting Failed Windows Applications
  WE12  Cracking Open Kerberos
  TU7  DNSSEC and Windows: Get Ready for a New DNS!
  WE16  Expand and Simplify Your Storage with Windows VHD Support
  Lunch Session: Windows Yesterday, Windows Today, Windows Tomorrow
  TU3  Night of the Living Directory: Understanding AD's Recycle Bin
  PRE2  Tutorial: Automating Active Directory Tasks in Server 2008 R2
  TU2  Group Policy Settings that Really Really Work and Some that Dont
  WE9  Group Policy Troubleshooting Essentials
  WE13  Overcoming Common Security Challenges with Group Policy
  TH7  Automating Your Pre-Deployment Tasks: Inventory, Discovery, and Application Compatibility
  TH3  Microsoft's Free Deployment Which Ones Work for You?
  TH11  Solving Deployment's Forgotten Task: Migrating User Data
  POST2  Tutorial: Bringing it All Together: Completely Automating Windows Deployment
  TH15  Creating and Deploying OS Images with Windows Deployment Server
  TH3  Microsoft's Free Deployment Which Ones Work for You?
  TH19  One Image for All Your Desktops: The Secret Tricks You Must Know
  POST2  Tutorial: Bringing it All Together: Completely Automating Windows Deployment
  Keynote: Windows 7 Life Without Walls
  TU4  MCITP: Configuring Active Directory
  TU8  MCITP: Configuring AD's Additional Services
  TU12  MCITP: Configuring and Maintaining AD Objects
  TU16  MCITP: Planning Your Windows 2008 Server Environment
  WE4  MCITP: Server Administrator Exam Prep
  PRE3  Tutorial: MCITP - Configuring a Server 2008 Network Infrastructure
  TU5  Best Performance & High Availability with vSphere Storage
  TU9  ESX High Availability with VMotion, HA, and DRS
  WE1  Monitoring and Intelligently Reacting to ESX Performance Issues
  TU1  Smart Configurations for vSphere Networking
  TU13  Tips and Tricks for Creating Good Virtual Machines. It's Not as Easy as You'd Think
  PRE1  Tutorial: Architecting Your vSphere Virtual Infrastructure - Avoiding the Big Mistakes
  WE5  Double Session: An Exploration of Options for Creating Highly-Available Hyper-V
  TH4  Storage Showdown: Making Good Decisions for Your Business
  TH12  Understanding How Application Virtualization Saves Time Effort and Money
  TH8  vSphere Versus Hyper-V: Performance, Price, and Passionate Admins