TH1 Dangerous Documents: Identifying and Protecting Your Data from Malware

October 21st, 2010

8:30 AM - 9:45 AM

Prerequisite: None

Mike Danseglio

Mike Danseglio

Principal Technologist

Next Direction Technologies

Most users, and many administrators, understand the danger of opening executable files. But they see no harm in opening a data file like an MP3 regardless of its source. That bad assumption is how many viruses and worms are spread today. Many document types are inherently unsafe and some types, like Microsoft Word documents, have been exploited by attackers for years. During this session Mike Danseglio, CISSP and a world-renowned security expert, will show you how to protect your systems from the kinds of documents that are being used to mount attacks today. This session isn't just about installing malware filters and scanners. You'll learn first-hand what kind of damage dangerous documents can do to even a well-protected network. Mike shows plenty of methods you should use today to help stop successful attacks.