Deep Dive: Becoming an ESXpert! Mastering VMware vSphere in Your IT Environment

VMware vSphere is a deceptively-easy solution to implement. Installing in just a few minutes, you can spin up your first ESX server with little time and effort. But creating a virtual infrastructure is so much more than just a few mouse clicks. It’s smart thinking, solid design, and thoughtful planning. It’s also knowing the little tips and tricks gained through years of experience. You can’t buy that experience; you have to earn it. But you can get a head start in becoming an ESXpert with a little help. That’s the theme of this TechMentor Deep Dive: Getting you that leg up in making the right decisions about your VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure.

Starting with good design, working through the critical topics of networking and storage, visiting on the painful issues of performance and bottlenecking, explaining the intricacies you might not know about VMotion, and concluding with the virtual machine configuration tricks you’ve probably overlooked, this Deep Dive topic gives you more intelligent content about VMware’s flagship virtualization solution in a short day-and-a-half than you’ll find in weeks of online searching. Led by renowned virtualization guru and VMware vExpert Greg Shields, you’ll be sure to discover the nuggets of useful information about ESX you can immediately take home and implement. Whether you already are an expert, or are just starting down the virtualization path, become an ESXpert with Greg Shields at TechMentor and go home virtually smarter!