PRE3 Tutorial: MCITP - Configuring a Server 2008 Network Infrastructure

October 18th, 2010

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Prerequisite: None

Bruce Rougeau

Bruce Rougeau


Building an Environment from the ground up or supporting an existing computing environment requires fundamental knowledge of its essential networking components. And knowing that network backwards and forwards is a major part of the MCITP. This session will review the fundamentals of IP addressing, including what defines a subnet and how routers and switches work together. We will completely cover the fundamentals of a DHCP server in a Microsoft and Non-Microsoft world, and will explore name resolution by understanding DNS and how it has a close tie with DHCP. Once we’ve mastered the fundamentals, our next task will be in providing Windows 2008 servers to add functionality for File, Print, WSUS, and Wireless Security. While this might sound like a lot to cover in three hours, remember that these sessions are your refresher on Microsoft’s technology along with its place in the MCITP exams.