POST1 Tutorial: Migrating to Exchange 2010 in Seven Easy Steps

October 22nd, 2010

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Prerequisite: None

J. Peter Bruzzese

ClipTraining/Conversational Geek/InfoWorld/Mimecast

Have you green lighted your migration to Exchange 2007 or 2010? Has the coolness factor of the project evaporated and the realities of the efforts set in? Pain and failure, or promise and fantastic success, don’t fear! In this super-deep, close-out-the-conference session, join Exchange experts J. Peter Bruzzese and Rapael Barini to learn the best migration practices to ensure your project’s success. Learn how to divide your project into seven easy and manageable phases. Identify the key steps for each phase including what you need before you begin, how to create a migration plan, and common mistakes to avoid when moving to Exchange 2010. In the end you’ll walk away with a ton of knowledge as well as some free tools that will make your job easier.