Below are the Sessions organized by Speaker.
Track Key:
 Deploying & Managing Windows Servers and Clients Exchange, SharePoint, & Unified Communications
 Remote Users and Offices Security
 Virtualization Windows PowerShell
Speakers EVENT
  TU15  Realizing the Risks of Bad Network Design on Virtual Machines
  TU11  Stop Working Nights and Weekends: 10 Tips You Can Immediately Implement
  WE11  What the Cloud Means for the System Administrator: DISCUSSION
  TU7  Your LAN Everywhere - with DirectAccess!
  GS2  GRAD SCHOOL: Exchange 2010 - Are You Ready?
  TH11  High Availability in the Exchange World
  TH7  Keeping Your SharePoint Alive: Backup and Recovery
  TU13  Transitioning from Exchange 2003 to 2007 or 2010
  TU3  Virtualizing Your Exchange Environment - and Then Making it Disaster-Proof
  TU9  Windows 7 Virtual Deployment Solutions
  WE15  Best Practices and New Technologies in Windows Server Backups
  TH15  Free Security! Implementing a Certificate Authority
  TH19  Super-Easy Full-Drive Encryption with Windows BitLocker
  WE7  Volume Activation Planning, Deployment, and Administration
  TH9  Creating an Inexpensive Hosted Desktop Environment with Hyper-V and RDS
  TH13  Eliminate Application Compatibility Issues with Windows 7's XP Mode
  WE5  Scripting, Error Handling, and Debugging in Windows PowerShell v1/v2
  TU8  Take back Your File Servers!
  TU16  Top Ten Non-PowerShell Command-Line Tools You MUST Know
  TH5  Building, Deploying, and Supporting Server Core - in an R2 World
  WE1  DEEP DIVE: Automating Active Directory Management in Windows PowerShell
  TU1  Designing Your Virtual Infrastructure & Hypervisor Deep Dive
  TU5  Finally! Full-On Remote Computer Management (with PowerShell v2)
  GS1  GRAD SCHOOL: Supporting SQL Server – When You’d Really Rather Not
  TH1  Implementing, Securing, and Supporting IIS 7.x - A Concentrated Guide
  PS1  PREP SCHOOL: The Windows PowerShell v2 No-Scripting Crash Course
  WE4  DEEP DIVE: Mastering SharePoint 2007 Administration
  TU4  SharePoint Administration Tasks for the Reluctant DBA
  TU12  Upgrading SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
  TH3  Alphabet Soup: Which Deployment Tool is Right for Your Environment?
  WE3  DEEP DIVE: Network Monitor: What's On Your Wire?
  PS3  PREP SCHOOL: Moving to Windows 7: From Vista or XP, Quickly, and Using FREE Tools!
  WE9  Cracking Open Kerberos: Understanding How AD Knows Who You Are
  TU14  DNSSEC and Windows: What it is, Why You Care, and How To Do It
  WE13  Understanding User Account Control
  TH17  Using Windows 7/R2's Virtual Storage Technologies
  TH8  Group Policy for Modern Desktops: Troubleshooting
  TH4  Group Policy for Modern Desktops: What You Need to Know
  WE8  Inside MDOP: Are Its 5 Apps Right for Your Company?
  WE12  Mastering RDS / Terminal Services Applications and Profiles
  WE16  Mastering System Recovery - How to Recover from any System Failure
  TH20  Protecting your Wireless Networks with NAP
  TH16  Solving the Branch Office Nightmare with RODCs
  TH12  Transforming Your Print Environment with a HighlyAvailable Print Cluster
  TU10  Active Directory Disasters and How to Prevent Them
  WE2  DEEP DIVE: Mastering High Availability with Microsoft Hyper-V R2
  TU6  Eliminating Malware, Inappropriate Software, and Most IT Problems with AppLocker
  TH10  How to Automatically and Rapidly Deploy Software in a Small Environment
  TU2  How to Configure Your ESX Hosts to Successfully Pass an Audit...Guaranteed!
  PS2  PREP SCHOOL: Securely Connecting to Applications over the Internet using RDS
  WE6  Speed Up Branch Office Access with BranchCache
  TH6  The Best Free Tools for Windows Server Administration
  WE10  When and Where to Use Virtualization: DISCUSSION
  TH18  Disaster Recovery in a Virtualized World - It's More Than Just Backups!
  TH2  P2V - The Tips, Tricks, & Gotchas You'd Better Know
  TH14  Top Tips and Tricks for Guaranteed-Successful Virtual Backup & Restore
  WE14  Virtualization Saves Money on Datacenter Facilities, Right?