WE1 DEEP DIVE: Automating Active Directory Management in Windows PowerShell

March 10th, 2010

9:00 am - 11:45 am

Deep Dive

Don Jones


Ready to start making Active Directory administration less tedious, and more automated? With Windows PowerShell v2, you can! This Deep Dive applies to Win2003 and Win2008 domains, and assumes you have at least one Win7 workstation in your environment. Windows PowerShell expert and MVP Don Jones will show you how to operate the Microsoft Active Directory cmdlets: You'll learn to create new users, update group memberships, manage computer accounts, work with organizational units, and much, much more. You'll learn how to do all of this in a multi-domain environment, how to persist alternate credentials within a session, and other tricks and tips. Did you know that you can use a simple CSV file and two commands to import hundreds of users into your directory, or to update thousands? You can - and this is where you'll learn how.