Prep School Sessions

TechMentor's exclusive half-day Prep School sessions help you take maximum advantage by covering complex, core topics like Windows PowerShell, Remote Desktop Services, and Deploying & Managing Windows Servers and Clients. While not required, we strongly recommend these sessions for all attendees, to help you learn valuable new skills and to give yourself a better foundation for the main conference sessions. These are intense, information-packed sessions; these are not hands-on workshops.

PS1 - The Windows PowerShell v2 No-Scripting Crash Course
Don Jones
Monday, March 8, 2010: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

You want to learn to automate administrative tasks… but you’re not interested in becoming a programmer? No problem: Windows PowerShell isn’t a “VBScript replacement,” it’s a powerful interactive shell that delivers immediate results using a set of powerful command-line utilities. Join Windows PowerShell author, columnist, and MVP Don Jones – one of the world’s most sought-after and experienced Windows PowerShell instructors – and start putting PowerShell to practical use right away. You’ll learn how to inventory remote computer management information, manage Active Directory users and groups, perform what used to be tough admin tasks (like resetting service accounts’ login passwords), and more – all without writing a single line of “code.” This is not a hands-on workshop, but Don does make all sample scripts and a complete demo transcript available via e-mail after the conference. If you’ve never used PowerShell before, this is the perfect place to start – this session will prepare you to take maximum advantage of the other PowerShell-related sessions offered at TechMentor! If you’re already familiar with Windows PowerShell v1, this is still a great session – you’ll learn new, easier techniques offered in v2 along with brand-new capabilities! 

PS2 - Securely Connecting to Applications over the Internet using RDS
Greg Shields
Monday, March 8, 2010: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Your job as IT administrator is all about applications and data.  You need to protect your users' data, and you need to ensure access to it via applications.  But today's workforce requires us to make our applications available from everywhere.  Connecting to corporate applications through Internet connections is quickly becoming a need for every environment, both large and small.  You can make exactly this possible today for very little cost using Microsoft's Terminal Services\Remote Desktop Services.  RDS Guru and Microsoft MVP Greg Shields has been working with Terminal Services since its introduction in Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Services Edition, and in three hours he'll present you a step-by-step approach to building a remote applications infrastructure with enough industrial-grade security that even the most secure of networks will allow it.  TS and RDS have for too long been relegated to the sidelines.  Attend this session and make secure, scalable, and inexpensive telecommuting a reality for your company.

PS3 - Moving to Windows 7: From Vista or XP, Quickly, and Using FREE Tools
Rhonda Layfield
Monday, March 8, 2010: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Upgrades from Vista? Migrations from XP? Clean installs on bare metal? No problem: Deployment rockstar Rhonda Layfield helps you do it all safely, quickly, and effectively using FREE tools. Microsoft's deployment toolset can seem like a can of alphabet soup, but Rhonda not only guides you through the mess, she helps you make sense of it, understand how it all works under the hood, and best of all shows you exactly what you'll need to do to make Windows 7 deployment WORK. You'll learn insider tricks, see practical demonstrations, and put yourself on an immediate path to better client operating system management for the long-haul.