TU14 DNSSEC and Windows: What it is, Why You Care, and How To Do It

March 9th, 2010

3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Once considered to be the safe, secure bedrock of the Internet, DNS has come under attack in recent years, and that's highlighted the perceived need for establishing that the DNS data you're getting is indeed what you want. That way appers to be DNSSEC, a set of technologies first outlined in 2000, but that many folks still aren't using. That may change, however, as the US government, the .org, and other big top-level domains have already secured their root domains. Private roots like .com and .net will soon follow. In order to play in this secure new world, Microsoft's DNS needs to support DNSSEC, and 2008 R2's DNS server finally does. Join uber-DNS-geek Mark Minasi in a look at the exact problem DNSSEC tries to solve, how it does it, and how Windows Server 2008 R2 succeeds (and sometimes fails) to implement that solution. DNSSEC is one of those "gotta learn it" technologies of the next couple of years, so don't miss this talk from the only guy who can explain DNS things and still keep you awake!