TH11 High Availability in the Exchange World

March 11th, 2010

11:30 am - 12:45 pm

One of the most widely used buzzwords in today's IT marketing is High Availability. Yet, with Exchange, HA is more than just a term, its a reality. This advanced session takes you beyond the hype and into the highly available messaging infrastructure that's already integrated into Exchange. No matter what version you're using, you'll stand to gain from this session. In this quick-and-deep session, Exchange and HA guru Peter Bruzzese sweeps you through Exchange HA's beginnings in 2003, presents you its updated options in 2007, and ends with the brand new features in 2010. You'll hear full explanations of Exchange's continuous replication and replay as well as its acronym soup of HA options: LCR, CCR, SCR, DAG and SCC. A high level session with the information you need, take the journey through this fast paced exploration of messaging resiliency.