Windows Deployment University

It’s been nine years since Windows XP was released, and most of us just plain skipped Vista. It’s about time for a new OS upgrade project, and you’re in charge of its success! Are you ready for comprehensive OS deployment automation? Deployment expert Justin Rodino will show you how in TechMentor’s highest-demanded Deep Dive. Help ease the pain of deployment by digging deep into Microsoft’s new and streamlined automations as you leap to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Recognized multi-year MVP in Windows Deployment, Justin spends every day helping companies like yours automate OS deployments, and he’s bringing his expertise to TechMentor. In this multi-session Deep Dive, Justin explores Microsoft’s deployment tools and their uses. He’ll show you the tools and techniques in automatically assessing and preparing for your migration. He’ll give you his must-see methods in migrating user data from old OS to new. He’ll share his secrets in creating a single image for use across your entire infrastructure. And he’ll conclude with an all-up, must-see session that fully automates your OS deployment from start to finish. This is TechMentor’s premier Deep Dive session, taught by one of the industry’s best! If you’re looking to deploy any time soon or if you having trouble grasping the clear picture of how to string it all together, this is the deep dive you must see!