David Weston

VP of Enterprise and OS Security


David Weston is the Vice President of enterprise and OS security at Microsoft where he is responsible for the Security engineering of Windows, XBOX, Windows Server, the Azure OS as well as the Offensive Security Research & Engineering Team, started by David as Microsoft’s first red team. Before leading security engineering in Windows, David led security research for Microsoft Defender, detecting and responding to the real-time evolution of the global threat landscape. The intelligence built into our cloud from this and other team’s research now processes more than 24 trillion signals every 24 hours. David has been with Microsoft since Windows 7, holding many different security roles in mitigation design, penetration testing, malware analysis, and threat intelligence. In addition to his engineering work, David is also an accomplished security researcher presenting his work at numerous security conferences including BlueHat, Blackhat, Defcon and more. In his spare time, he is an avid gamer and dedicated practitioner of Brazilian Jiu jitsu.