Upcoming Events

  • August 5-9, 2024
    Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, WA
    5 Day Conference
    For IT / Security Professionals & IT Leaders
    Microsoft HQ
    TechMentor returns to the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA, to bring you and your colleagues in-depth training and knowledge share on deploying, managing, and supporting your Microsoft products and technologies. Expect troubleshooting tips, performance optimization training, and best practices from experts in the industry and Microsoft insiders to help you take your skills to the next level.
  • August 20-21, 2024
    Virtual Training
    Live! 360 2-Day Seminar
    For IT Pros, Developers, IT Leaders, & Data scientists
    Microsoft Fabric and AI
    Swimming in the Lakes of Microsoft Fabric and AI - A Hands-on Experience
    Join this 2-Day, Hands-on Workshop if you are interested in learning about Microsoft Fabric with artificial intelligence. At the end of this intermediate virtual workshop, you will have a working knowledge of how to work with Microsoft Fabric OneLake, LakeHouses, Data Engineering, Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, Data Factory, Data Warehousing, Real-Time Analytics and Power BI.
  • October 3-4, 2024
    Dallas, TX + Virtual
    2 Day In-Person + Virtual Seminar
    For IT Professionals
    Seamless Migration to Azure Virtual Desktop: A Two-Day Hands-On Workshop
    This TechMentor hands-on workshop is designed for IT professionals who aim to transition from Citrix or VMWare Virtual Desktops to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the migration process, best practices, and the tools necessary to execute a smooth transition.
  • October 22-25, 2024
    Virtual Training
    Live! 360 4-Day Seminar
    For IT Pros, Developers, IT Leaders, & Data scientists
    Multimodal GenAI Apps
    Building Multimodal Applications Using GenAI - A Hands-on Experience
    Join this 4-Day, Hands-on Workshop if you are interested in learning about Azure OpenAI & Azure Applied AI to infuse artificial intelligence and build next-generation multimodal applications.
  • November 12-13, 2024
    Security & Compliance
    2 Day Virtual Seminar
    For IT & Security Professionals
    Microsoft 365 XDR Security & Compliance PowerCamp
    This intensive 2-day TechMentor Microsoft 365 Security Deep Dive course prepares both IT and security professionals with the skills to plan, deploy, and manage advanced security features in the Microsoft Cloud.
  • November 17-22, 2024
    Royal Pacific Resort - Universal Orlando
    6 Day Conference
    For IT/Security Pros, Developers, Data Scientists, & IT Leaders
    TechMentor @ Live! 360 Tech Con
    TechMentor returns to Orlando as part of Live! 360 Tech Con. A unique conference offering you 6 co-located events for one great price! Stay ahead of the current trends and advance your career at Live! 360, the Ultimate Education Destination.

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