Greg Altman

IT Infrastructure Manager, Author, Speaker

Greg Altman is an IT infrastructure manager with 30 years of experience in the field. He has earned Microsoft Server and Azure certifications and has a broad knowledge of PowerShell, server management, and ADHD. He recently spoke at the Techmentor Conference at Microsoft HQ, sharing his insights and best practices on these topics. Greg has also written for several websites and, most recently, several ebooks for Conversational Geek, where he discussed some of the latest trends and challenges in IT. Greg blogs at, where he writes about various IT topics, such as tips, tools, reviews, and personal stories. Greg is an avid motorcyclist and has completed two Iron Butt certifications for long-distance motorcycle rides (so far) and attended the Yamaha Champions Riding School. He enjoys exploring new places and roads on his bike and documenting his adventures on his blog. Greg is passionate about IT and motorcycles and strives to excel in both domains.