Karinne Bessette

Technologist, PS


They have a solid background in network and security, showcasing their expertise through certifications in Microsoft 365, Azure, and Veeam Software since 2017. As a Technical storyteller at Veeam Software in the office of the CTO, they focus on Microsoft 365 and Backup Technologies, engaging with industry peers and contributing to product development through insightful feedback. They are also a Knox County Career Center instructor and certified MCT. They teach various IT subjects, including CompTIA certifications and Microsoft Azure fundamentals, emphasizing practical, hands-on learning. Additionally, their work with the Board of Education involves collaborating on curriculum development and integrating current industry trends to enhance tech education programs. Their commitment is evident in their continuous learning and adaptation to new technological advancements. (See badges on Credly: https://www.credly.com/users/rinbytes/badges). I blend technical prowess with a love for imparting knowledge. Adept at engaging presentations, I've addressed diverse audiences. Eager to learn, I readily embrace new tasks, software, and skills. With an unswerving commitment to tech, learning, and fostering connections, I'm dedicated to driving meaningful outcomes.