Conference Topics:

Windows PowerShell – Windows PowerShell is raw automation. With it, you can accomplish almost any task in a consistent, repeatable format. Microsoft has announced its widespread support, which means you must learn this powerful scripting solution.

Virtualization – Virtualization is everywhere, and businesses of all sizes have either made the jump or are on their way. Sessions in this topic take you from its foundations to the complex optimizations that every virtual environment needs.

Architecting and Administering Microsoft Exchange – Email is a critical service for every business. But actually making email function is a complex task with peril at every misstep. Learn how to manage your systems better while ensuring their constant availability in these sessions.

Security and Malware Protection – No computer environment can stand long without the right kinds of network and server security. And today’s security options are powerful in the capabilities they offer. Learn about the new paradigms in security with these sessions, along with the products that make them a reality.

Active Directory Management and Architecture – Active Directory is at the core of your entire IT infrastructure. A decade-old technology, AD remains one that every IT professional must know by heart. Get today’s top tips and tactics for managing it correctly in this topic’s sessions.

Advanced Troubleshooting for Servers and Applications – If you like getting your hands dirty, fixing the hardest issues with servers and applications, this topic’s sessions are right with you. Complex problems are no match for the right tools combined with smart ways of using them. All are exposed here.

Automated Windows Deployment – Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are here and they’re ready for your use, if you can get them onto your hardware. You can do that the manual way, or you can automate the entire process. Attend the sessions here to learn the step-by-step process necessary to make deployment and management an automated snap.

Getting More out of your Existing IT Investment – Want to eke more out of the IT investment you already have? That’s the theme in this topic’s sessions. Learn more, gain more, and get more out of what you’ve already got by attending sessions in this topic.