Client and Endpoint Management

TW04 Windows 10 MDM for the Group Policy Guru

August 5th, 2020

9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Jeremy Moskowitz

Godfather of Group Policy

PolicyPak Software

Jeremy stole this title from a (now removed) blog article from Microsoft. But he loved the idea so much that he brought this topic BACK TO LIFE and is bringing it to TechMentor in a new session... for you! First thing's first: how much Group Policy stuff can you REALLY do with modern MDM... and is there any free tool (maybe one you can download ONLY by coming to this session) that can quantify what modern MDM can do vs. existing Group Policy? Possibly. (You'll only know if you come to this session, I guess.) Then, learn about how to join a machine to MDM... oops, I mean Enroll. And once Enrolled, how to get GP-result like reports. You know GPupdate, but how about the same idea in MDM-land? You know ADMX, but do you know OMA-URI? You already know how to troubleshoot Group Policy with event logs, but don't know where to start for MDM? You know GP is updated every 90 minutes or so, but do you know when MDM tries to deliver settings (and when it gives up?) If both Group Policy AND MDM settings are on the same machine... what wins? Jeremy Moskowitz, 15-Year Group Policy (and now Enterprise Mobility MVP) and author of THE books on both Group Policy and MDM ( will bootstrap your existing Group Policy brain and prepare you for your foray to MDM-land.

You will learn:

  • Understand all setting "classes"
  • Group Policy and MDM on the same machine? Now what?
  • Need to translate your brain to MDM troubleshooting? You will!