Security, Microsoft Sessions

T10 A World beyond Passwords

August 6th, 2019

1:00pm - 2:15pm

Level: Introductory

Jeevan Bisht

Principal Program Manager


Haris Mohammad

Senior Program Manager Lead


Passwords are the weakest link for security and your business. Learn about new and enhanced solutions that can help you provide secure, password-less options for your users to help protect your company from password spray, phishing and other attacks. Get the latest info on what's new with FIDO2, WebAuthN, Azure Active Directory, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Authenticator to help you make passwords a relic of the past.

You will learn:

  • About the shortcomings and security vulnerabilities with using traditional Alpha-numeric passwords
  • Discover what Microsoft is doing to provide high security, convenient methods of strong authentication that don't rely on traditional passwords
  • New features and capabilities on our roadmap such as: Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator, and FIDO2 Security Keys, which are helping organizations close the door on old-school passwords for good