PowerShell and DevOps

TT12 PowerShell Panel Discussion

August 6th, 2024

3:00pm - 4:15pm

Level: Introductory Intermediate

Steven Bucher

PM on the PowerShell team


Jason Helmick

Program Manager, PowerShell team


Danny Maertens

PM on the PowerShell Team


James Petty

Director of Information Technology


Sydney Smith

PM on the PowerShell team


The PowerShell team wants your feedback! Come to this panel discussion with the members of thePowerShell team to discuss highlights of PowerShell 7. In this session, Sydney Smith, Danny Maertens, Steven Bucher, and Jason Helmick discuss the evolution of PowerShell 7 and the focus that the team has made in security, configuration, and AI in the shell. This is a great opportunity to bring your questions and learn about the future of PowerShell!