Automating Configuration Management

W05 Datacenter Automation with System Center Orchestrator

August 5th, 2015

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate Advanced

Kunal D Mehta



With the evolution of modern datacenter technologies, automation has taken the center stage for connecting all heterogeneous components of the IT infrastructure to give you end to end IT process automation. This is crucial to ensure smooth functioning of today's IT; from scaling and auto remediation to self-service or any other critical service. Without automation, all these tasks would be burdened on the Administrator to be done manually.

Products like SCOM, SCCM have been in the market since quite some time and are heavily used in a lot of organizations. But in comparison, the power of System Center Orchestrator has been largely untapped—primarily because it's relatively a newer member to the System Center family.

This session will dig deep into the capabilities of System Center Orchestrator – starting with basic system automation, infrastructure automation, self-service workflows, SM runbooks, and integration with other System Center products for auto remediation, service deployment, Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory and the product's integration with 3rd party products.

Demos showcased will be real-world scenarios to get a comprehensive grip of Orchestrator's implementation in production. After the session, attendees will have enough knowledge to "go-home and deploy."

As a result, the infrastructure becomes more dynamic, the administrator's workload decreases and the business becomes more efficient and agile in handling its IT resources.

You will learn:

  • About the components of System Center Orchestrator and how it works
  • How to design production ready runbooks for end to end IT process automation
  • How to integrate with third party products through the Web service and custom integration packs
  • How it affects the business directly or indirectly in terms of the money or the workload on the administrator