Automating Configuration Management

T08 From Zero to Hero in 75 Minutes: Deploying a HyperConverged Architecture for the Modern Data Center

August 4th, 2015

2:15pm - 3:30pm

Level: Intermediate

Dave Kawula

Principal Consultant

TriCon Elite Consulting

Kelly Murphy

Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Kelly Murphy, Founder and CTO for Gridstore™, the leader in hyper-converged all flash infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center and Dave Kawula, Managing Principal Consultant at TriCon Elite Consulting and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) will demonstrate how you can "Go from Zero to Hero in 75 Minutes With a HyperConverged All-Flash Infrastructure That Will Make Your Data Center Rock!"

  • What is a HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) and what are the IT trends driving it?
  • What are the best use cases and workloads to maximize HCI?
  • What are the best practices in designing and deploying an HCI?
  • How does the Gridstore HCI integrate with Microsoft System Center, Azure, and ASR?

Attendees will learn how the first affordable All-Flash Hyper-Converged infrastructure that is purpose-built for Microsoft Cloud environments can reduce their infrastructure costs by 4x-8x while radically simplifying their environment and lower their management costs by up to 10x.