Keynote: Demystifying the MCSE - Revealing the Secrets to Microsoft Certification

August 4th, 2015

8:30am - 9:30am

Liberty Munson


Principal Psychometrician and Product Quality Lead, LeX Validation

Microsoft Learning Experiences

Ever taken a certification exam and wondered how it all came together? How were the questions written? Why there are so many questions on a particular skill and fewer on a different skill? How were those questions’ difficulty determined, weighted, and scored?

Or, have you been considering certification but not yet taken the leap? Are you wondering about the value of certification, and how it can benefit you? Given the costs and time associated with certification, you might question certification’s return on investment. Is it worth it? Will it be relevant into the future?

Get the answers to these and other questions from Liberty Munson, Microsoft’s Principal Psychometrician in this not-to-miss TechMentor keynote. In this hour-long fireside chat with TechMentor co-chair Greg Shields, she will discuss research showing the benefits IT Pros receive from becoming certified. She’ll explain how Microsoft designs and develops its MCSE certification program to ensure ongoing relevance and value. You’ll leave with the “secret” knowledge of how certification can help you build a successful career in IT.