PowerShell and Advanced Windows Administration, Hands-On Lab

M02 Session Continues: Fundamentals of PowerShell Automation (BYOL - RA)

August 3rd, 2015

2:30pm - 5:30pm

Level: Introductory Intermediate

Jeffery Hicks

PowerShell MVP

Senior Technology Fellow

JDH IT Solutions

This is a full day (six hour) workshop for IT Pros with minimal to moderate PowerShell experience. The goal of this workshop is to give you enough knowledge to put PowerShell to work for you. Even if you have some PowerShell experience, this workshop will solidify what you already know and fill in some gaps you probably didn't realize you had. If your PowerShell knowledge is minimal, this workshop will give you a jump-start. During the day we'll come to understand the PowerShell paradigm, PowerShell remoting, PowerShell scripting and in general how to automate your work with PowerShell. This will be a ride-along style session so bring a laptop with PowerShell 4 installed. Ideally, a virtualized domain environment with at least one server and one client running PowerShell 3.0 or later Demos will be shared with students at the beginning of the session.

You will learn:

  • About the PowerShell Paradigm
  • How to take advantage of PowerShell Remoting
  • How to use the WMI and CIM cmdlets
  • How to create PowerShell scripts and tools