Azure (Public/Hybrid)

TH02 Building a Secure and Non-Secure AVD Platform on Azure Stack HCI 23h2

August 8th, 2024

8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Advanced

Jan-Tore Pedersen

Managing Consultant


With Azure Stack HCI 23h2 we got a more native integration for AVD on Azure Stack HCI. Where you can do the entire deployment of a hostpool from Azure, either from the GUI, templates or code.

We will look into real life experience in building a Secure PAW environment with AVD on Azure Stack HCI. From the design to the end product.

We will also discuss about non secure AVD Host Pools.

We will look into network segmentation. How to differentiate different users based on there job, if they are internal/external and so on.

When we are done you should have a good understanding on how to build a AVD hostpool with session hosts and access for users. Both with a Secure PAW and non secure hosts.

You will learn:

  • Designing a AVD solution on-prem with Secure PAWS
  • How to deploy AVD Host Pools and Session hosts with GUI and Code
  • How to build different environments for different use cases