Server & Client

TH08 Deploying Windows 8 Security Features: Why, When....and How!

October 3rd, 2013

12:30pm - 3:30pm

Level: Intermediate Advanced

Sami Laiho


Senior Technical Fellow


Do you need to convince yourself, your client or your boss why you should implement security techniques like BitLocker, AppLocker, UAC and use of standard user rights? Do you need great demos to show your students and clients about security features of Windows? Come and see eight scary examples of real life security breaches by world class security expert Sami Laiho, MVP Windows Expert-ITPro. Sami combines built-in tools with 3rd party tools and social engineering to break into the Windows OS. Or in this case how the prevent them.

You will learn:
  • Great ways to demonstrate why different Windows Security Features are needed
  • How to build secure Windows machines
  • How to make the purchase of Windows 7/8 Enterprise worth every penny