System Center

MW04 Take Back Your 40-Hour Week! Self-Service Software Installs with ConfigMgr 2012

September 30th, 2013

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Level: Advanced

Greg Shields

MVP, vExpert

Author Evangelist


Do you remember the Windows 95 Control Panel icon you clicked to uninstall software? Back then it was called “Add/Remove Programs”, but was there ever a time you clicked that icon to…add…software? That icon is proof that self-service has been on Microsoft’s mind since the beginning. It’s only now that IT is ready to embrace the concept, and dispense with all those time-consuming app installations.

Take back your forty-hour work week by pushing one of IT’s biggest time-wasters down to the users. With Configuration Manager 2012 and a little skill in software packaging, you can set up software installation self-service in your own company. The process isn’t hard, but it takes some effort.

Microsoft MVP Greg Shields from Concentrated Technology has been working with Configuration Manager since the days of SMS 1.2. Nobody knows ConfigMgr better, and nobody’s better prepared to accelerate your move to software installation self-service. Don’t miss this session, because these three hours with Greg might just justify your entire week at TechMentor.

You will learn:
  • The art and science of packaging software and virtual applications
  • Understand the best ways to deliver software based on user, location, and use case
  • Discover how to incorporate self-service - with approvals! - into any size environment with the help of ConfigMgr 2012