MW03 Foundations for Building a Bulletproof SharePoint 2013 Infrastructure

September 30th, 2013

9:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Rick Taylor

Richard Taylor

Consultant and Speaker

SharePoint 2013 is swiftly becoming a mission-critical solution in IT shops everywhere. But “mission-critical” can also mean “never goes down.” Ensuring a solid SharePoint 2013 infrastructure means asking the right questions, deploying its technologies correctly, and doing careful performance and capacity management. You’ll learn the best practices for all three of these tasks in this Kick-Off-the-Conference SharePoint 2013 Foundations session with Rick Taylor of Microsoft. In three hours, you’ll learn…

How to Gather Requirements and Ask the Right Questions: The key to building a successful SharePoint 2013 environment is starting with the right requirements. Start your morning by learning how requirements impact design, as well as what questions – and answers – are important for later success.

Tips and Tricks in Deploying SharePoint 2013: Your next step is getting SharePoint 2013 up and running. Rick’s follows with Microsoft’s tricks and tools for deploying SharePoint servers and farms on premises. You’ll learn to deploy physical and virtual environments, taking advantage of the full suite of Microsoft deployment tools, and take away a checklist of considerations and scripts to automate your deployment.

Performance and Capacity Planning for SharePoint 2013: This version’s new features not only improve user experience, but also performance and reliability. Rick closes out this three-hour session with a look at SharePoint 2013’s key architectural changes that improve performance and reliability, and leave you with some real-world guidance on capacity planning.