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Hypervisor Advisors: 4 of the Best Hyper-V Blogs We Could Find

The battle of the hypervisors continues. Microsoft has done an admirable job positioning Hyper-V as one you must contend with, even if you prefer vSphere for certain virtualization tasks. You’ll find plenty of sound advice for working with and configuring Hyper-V in the blogs presented here. As a side note, I don't know why anyone hasn't yet latched onto the title The Hypervisor Advisor. If you’re a virtualization expert looking to start up a blog, feel free to steal that title!

Microsoft Virtualization Blog

This is the official virtualization blog for Microsoft, so it covers a lot of Hyper-V and related topics. One recent post by Sarah Cooley describes, "What's new in Hyper-V for the Windows 10 Creators Update?" Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 Creators Update, which describes several improvements made with Hyper-V in mind:
  • Quick Create
  • Checkpoint and Save for nested Hyper-V
  • Dynamic resize for VM Connect
  • Zoom for VM Connect
  • Networking improvements (NAT)
  • Developer-centric memory management

Ben Armstrong's Virtualization Blog

This is actually another official Microsoft blog, this one by Ben Armstrong, Microsoft's Hyper-V program manager, so you know the info is good. Recent posts on Armstrong's blog cover:

Aidan Finn, IT Pro

Blogger Aidan Finn describes his blog as "A Hyper-V blog, but you'll also find Windows Server, desktop, systems management, deployment, and so on." So while you’ll get mostly some good Hyper-V stuff, there are plenty of related topics in the mix as well.

One recent post, "VMQ on Team Interface Breaking Hyper-V Networking," gets into the nitty gritty of why several VMs weren't communicating:

"I recently had a situation where virtual machines on a Windows Server 2016 (WS2016) Hyper-V host could not communicate with each other. Ping tests were failing:
  • Extremely high latency
  • Lost packets

In this case, I was building a new Windows Server 2016 demo lab for some upcoming community events in The Netherlands and Germany, an updated version of my Hidden Treasures in Hyper-V talk that I’ve done previously at Ignite and TechEd Europe (I doubt I'll ever do a real talk at Ignite again because I’m neither a MS employee or a conference sponsor). The machine I’m planning on using for these demos is an Intel NUC. It’s small, powerful, and is built with lots of flash storage. My lab consists of some domain controllers, storage, and some virtualized (nested) hosts, all originally connected to an external vSwitch. I built my new hosts, but could not join them to the domain. I did a ping from the new hosts to the domain controllers, and the tests resulted in massive packet loss. Some packets go through but with 3000+ MS latency."

Ramazan Can Blog: Hyper-V, High Availability, Infrastructure…

Here's another blog that covers mostly Hyper-V, but some other stuff as well (as you can discern from the title). This one gets into some good detail. One post is, "HYPER-V R2 Networking—How to configure management and VM networks." This provides a decent overview of the topic.
"I see very often confusion around the configuration of the Hyper-V networking and the creation of the virtual networks (Hyper-V). Therefore I will try to give you here a short/simple overview how you can configure your Hyper-V Host networking environment in regards to best practice which ensures the reliability and availability of your virtualized workloads."
Another post shares a PowerPoint presentation originally published by Microsoft focusing on network performance improvements with Hyper-V, covering all the different approaches like VMDQ and Chimney Offloading.

What are some of your favorite Hyper-V blogs? Drop me a line at!

Posted by Lafe Low on July 7th, 2017 at 1:08 PM

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