Don Jones’ PowerShell Boot Camp

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Sponsored by: SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.

For the first time ever, TechMentor brings you a complete, 3-day, hands-on* Windows PowerShell class featuring the industry’s most popular and knowledgeable PowerShell expert! You’ll also enjoy complete access to TechMentor’s keynote address, special evening events and receptions, networking opportunities, exhibitors, and more, combining the benefits of a full technology conference with the focused education of a hands-on class! Don’s three-day public classes have been available elsewhere for more than $3,000 per student, making TechMentor’s exclusive offering an incredible value as well as an amazing educational experience!

Windows PowerShell is Microsoft’s newest, most exciting, and most important administrative technology. Rather than relying on complex scripting languages and partial capabilities, you’ll finally enjoy a complete, consistent administrative experience that encompasses both the GUI and the command-line. Create administrative processes that match your needs, operate your way, and accomplish your tasks.

Don has taught more than 15,000 administrators to be immediately effective with Windows PowerShell - and no prior scripting experience is required! If you can run “Ipconfig,” then you can master PowerShell - and Don will show you how! Using Don’s signature approach and casual style, you’ll learn how to run commands, manage processes, create Active Directory users, and much more. You’ll learn how to create reusable, parameterized tools that your coworkers and colleagues can use. You’ll debug scripts, manage command errors, and extend the shell. You’ll see how to teach yourself how to use shell extensions, instantly making Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, System Center, and much more all accessible through PowerShell.

Don literally wrote the book on PowerShell, co-authoring the first publicly-available books for both PowerShell v1 and PowerShell v2. He’s developed the most widely-used classroom courseware for PowerShell, including Microsoft’s own Official Curriculum. Don writes the monthly PowerShell column for Microsoft TechNet Magazine, blogs about PowerShell, and has received Microsoft’s MVP Award for eight consecutive years. TechMentor’s exclusive three-day class uses an outline that combines Don’s half-decade of PowerShell training experience with his latest approaches, examples, and samples. You’ll receive full download access to all of Don’s sample scripts and shell transcripts upon completion of the class. This class is based upon Don’s new book, Windows PowerShell v2 in a Month of Lunches (Manning), which makes the perfect companion and after-class reference.

Don’t let your technology education stop with PowerShell: Purchase a full 5-day package to enjoy this 3-day course, a day offering more than 20 additional cutting-edge technology breakout sessions, and a half-day post-conference tutorial, in addition to all of the keynote, special events, and other benefits of TechMentor!


This class is suitable for anyone working with Microsoft technologies: Whether you’re a network administrator or systems engineer, or even a developer, you’ll learn to use and appreciate PowerShell’s flexibility and reach. Using System Center, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, or SQL Server? Managing Active Directory, servers, or clients? Then you need PowerShell, and this class will put you on the path to immediate success.


To participate in the hands-on portions of this class, you will need to bring your own laptop. Power will be provided in the room. Your laptop must be running a virtual machine containing a Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller. Your virtual machine must be configured in advance - create a standalone domain named whatever you like. Domain controller, server, and virtual machine configuration assistance will not be available on-site. You can download a free Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine from (requires Microsoft Virtual PC to run); you will need to manually install the Active Directory Domain Services role and run Dcpromo.exe to promote the virtual machine to a domain controller. Be sure to allow Dcpromo to install the DNS role as well.

Don Jones’ Exclusive PowerShell Boot Camp is Sponsored by: SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.

SAPIEN Technologies makes Windows administrative tasks — whether you're scripting or using related technologies — simpler.

We offer more than just software: We give you more than 20 years of experience, powerful software applications such as PrimalScript and PrimalForms, authoritative books such as "Windows PowerShell 2.0: TFM" by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks, supportive communities, and real-world training. It's everything you need to learn new technologies, advance your skills in existing technologies, and work more effectively and more efficiently.

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Don Jones' Exclusive 3-day PowerShell Boot Camp is sponsored by SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.

PowerShell Boot Camp

3-Day Hands-On Class

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Course Outline

  • Running Commands
  • Using the Help System and Discovering Commands
  • The Pipeline: Connecting Commands
  • Adding Commands and Extending the Shell
  • Objects: Data by Another Name
  • The Pipeline, Deeper: Connecting Commands, Better
  • Formatting Command Output
  • Filtering and Comparisons
  • Remote Control: One to One,
    One to Many
  • Tackling Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Multitasking with Background Jobs
  • Working with Bunches of Objects, One at a Time
  • Security Alert!
  • Variables: A Place to Store
    Your Stuff
  • Input and Output
  • You Call This Scripting?
  • Sessions: Remote Control,
    with Less Work
  • From Command to Script to Function
  • Creating Your Own “Cmdlets” and Modules
  • Adding Logic and Loops
  • Trapping and Handling Errors
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Additional Random Tips, Tricks, and Techniques