Selina Winter

Sr. Business Program Manager - Certification in Microsoft Learning


Selina Winter is the Sr. Business Program Manager - Certification in Microsoft Learning. She is responsible for designing Microsoft’s technical certification programs, including Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) that is comprised of the MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD credentials, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA). Her work ensures that Microsoft certification programs deliver what candidates, schools, and corporations need while maintaining an industry leading position for both quality and innovation. Modernizing certification at Microsoft is a key focus of her current work and includes such activities as working to more closely align training and certification opportunities, developing real time learning and certification options, and implementing and managing Microsoft’s certification badging program. Badging provides digital, verifiable credentials that can be shared with a candidate’s social network. It also provides access to available jobs that map to a candidate’s certification achievement – connecting Microsoft’s certification candidates with jobs in their desired area. Selina has been at Microsoft for 5 years with more than 20 years in the training and certification space. A native of Georgia, both she and her husband are strong advocates for children, particularly those in underserved communities. Education is both a personal and professional passion for her.