Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting (PRF), Windows Server Management (SRV), Windows Client Management (CLI)

W08 New Windows Performance Toolkit for Troubleshooting Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (PRF, SRV & CLI)

March 6th, 2013

1:30PM - 2:45PM

Level: Intermediate

Bruce Mackenzie Low

Bruce Mackenzie-Low


Systems Software Engineer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Learn how to leverage the powerful new free monitoring tools from Microsoft called the Window Performance Toolkit (WPT). See how easy it is to collect in-depth performance metrics with the Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) that can assist you with identifying resource bottlenecks and application issues. Explore the many new graphs and charts that are available in the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) as you pinpoint elusive performance issues. Investigate real-world case studies that demonstrate the tool in action so that you can immediately leverage it to solve your own performance problems. (Provides supplementary information for Exam 70-411, Administering Windows Server 2012)

You will learn:

  • About features with the new Windows Performance Toolkit
  • How to download and install WPT
  • How to collect performance traces with WPR
  • How to analyze performance traces with WPA