Scott Roberts

Principal Program Manager Lead, Windows Networking


Principal Program Manager Lead in the Windows 8 Networking team. Responsible for Network Security, Seamless Connectivity, DirectAccess, and cross premise cloud connectivity. This includes technologies such as Windows Firewall, IPsec, TCP/IP v6, v6 transition technologies, and related components. Joined Microsoft in 2001 within Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), UK, and then in 2003 transitioned to the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) in Redmond to help lead the responses to attacks such as the Blaster Internet worm. Worked in MSRC/SEC for 4 years. Handled hundreds of security investigations, shipping 50+ security bulletins, and other various internal security projects. Joined the Windows development team in 2007 to help develop Windows 7 and continued through into Windows 8.