Doug Warden



Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Doug has been working in the IT field for nearly 20 years, holding a wide variety of positions in companies varying in size from 2 computers through thousands. Besides the oddity of being Canadian and referring to himself in the third person when writing biographies, he has also collected a bunch of letters after his name while working as an MCT, but feels a little awkward listing them all. Doug has been involved in massive planning and deployment of AD in the corporate world, worked in Unix environments, done large desktop roll-outs for the oil and gas industry. These days, Doug focuses mostly on his college students, teaching server technologies, security, wireless and Cisco networking, trying to pound some learning into their heads while keeping it fun. On the side, Doug is also the Worldskills Expert for Canada in the IT Network Support competition. Doug has attended a couple of TechMentor conferences in the past and found they hit the right level of practicality that is useful the day after the conference, he just thought that there might be a little more elbow room behind the podium than in front of it. With over 10 years of IT teaching, it's safe to say that Doug loves teaching and thinks connecting with students makes teaching one of the most rewarding professions a person can have.