DevOps and Beyond

    In 2022, it’s become crystal clear that remote access and automation are critical to modern teams being successful. DevOps has been called the second decade of Agile. We’ve learned much about what it means to be agile and to “do DevOps”, DevOps is still the way modern teams deliver value. As an organizational transformation, DevOps starts with people, better process and then, yes, great products can make all the difference. DevOps is all about continuous value delivery. You continue to the lynchpin to your organization’s success with sessions in this track you’ll get the latest on why, how, and what from experts showing you the latest tools to teaching you today’s best practices.

    You’ll find coverage of:

    • The GitHub CLI
    • GitHub Codespaces
    • State of DevOps in 2022
    • Test Driven Development
    • Enterprise DevOps using GitHub
    • Stop Waste and Develop on Cadence
    • Continuous Delivery with Azure PaaS
    • Shifting Security Left for Better DevOps