System Center

TH03 Pro Tips for Automating App Deployment in System Center Configuration Manager

August 14th, 2014

9:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Advanced

Greg Shields

MVP, vExpert

Author Evangelist


An experienced Configuration Manager administrator is an employer's most valuable IT professional. That's because good ConfigMgr 2012 admins can deploy, automate, configure, and manage just about everything in a Windows infrastructure.

The hard part is getting that experience. Any IT Pro can read a book or a few TechNet articles to learn the ConfigMgr 2012's basics. Becoming truly experienced, however, requires a deep understanding of ConfigMgr's "art" as much as its "science".

Preparing you with both that art and science is the goal of this Real-World Master Class, taught by Greg Shields from Concentrated Technology. In this three-hours-isn't-enough session, you'll explore the innermost secrets of application and desktop deployment. You'll learn software packaging for direct installation as well as App-V virtualization. You'll discover how the ConfigMgr pros offer application and desktop self-service with ConfigMgr's Software Center and Application Catalog, giving users the ability to install their own apps and refresh their own desktops.

You'll understand the utility of software and hardware inventory, and how to leverage inventoried data for software metering. You'll learn the pro tricks in constructing queries and reports, including some nifty shortcuts that dive directly into ConfigMgr's SQL backend data. Most importantly, you'll also learn about ConfigMgr's features worth ignoring: Those that might seem worthwhile, but don't yet deliver on their promise.

Greg has been operating ConfigMgr infrastructures of all sizes since the earliest days of SMS 1.2 and 2.0. In this session, he shares his experience in helping you get the most out of your ConfigMgr investment.

You will learn:

  • "The art" of automated software installation, including software packaging, app virtualization, and best practices for deployment
  • Accelerate your experience with "the science" of System Center Configuration Manager for automating application deployment
  • System Center's application self-service functions, including integrations between Configuration Manager and Service Manager to facilitate management approvals