Mobility and BYOD (MOB)

TH05 Eliminating BYOD Headaches with Windows 8-to-Go (MOB)

March 7th, 2013

9:30AM - 10:45AM

Level: Introductory Intermediate

Matthew B. Parks, Sr.


Director of Information Technology

PACE Center for Girls

Right now, the four hottest (and most polarizing) letters in all of IT are BYOD. Your company loves the idea of IT consumerization. In your C-level executive's mind, it is a Win-Win. Employees/Users are more mobile (read: accessible), they assume the cost of ownership, support, and upkeep for the computer. All the company has to provide is the network, right? WRONG. As a bonafide IT professional, you know better. IT will have to provide the security and access control, the equity of access to resources, and responsibility for the workflow of information. Simple, right? Not Exactly. Supporting the sheer number of varied device types can overwhelm an IT department. Companies are finding that the burden of BYOD supporting infrastructure, in some cases, actually outweigh the upfront savings in ownership. If only there was a way to let the users bring their own device, while providing a more homogenous user and support experience for user and IT. Well, the answer is in the form of Windows 8 to Go. Windows 8 to Go puts a Bit locker encrypted, live-disk version of Windows 8 environment on to a USB stick. Users can grab a Windows 8 to Go stick, plug it into their MAC OS X, Windows XP, Vista, and 7 laptop at the home, the workplace, or public computer, all with a custom, company image of course and complete access to the company's network with all of the Domain controls, polices, security and safety of a company own "built" piece of hardware. IT can give users their cake and let them eat it too.

You will learn Windows 8 to Go as a BYOD strategy as well as:

  • Benefits of Windows 8 to Go as a BYOD strategy
  • Caveats of Windows 8 to Go as a BYOD strategy
  • Methods of building Windows to Go images
  • Support hardware considerations