Windows PowerShell and Automation (PSH), Workshops

MW1 Workshop: Don Jones Presents: A Windows PowerShell One-Day Crash Course

March 4th, 2013

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Level: Introductory Intermediate

Don Jones


Curriculum Director for IT Pro Content


Spend just one day with TechMentor co-chair and PowerShell MVP Don Jones, and you’ll have the fundamentals of PowerShell firmly in your grasp. Don’s “all PowerShell, no PowerPoint” crash course features numerous detailed, real-world examples – which Don carefully saves into transcripts and script files for you to download after the session! You’ll learn all of the tricks and secrets that you’d never discover on your own: how the pipeline really works, how to really build reusable tools that work just like PowerShell cmdlets (with virtually no programming), how to master formatting, and even how to build sexy HTML-based reports that the boss will absolutely love. Don focuses on practical examples, such as showing you how to build a remote Server Core provisioning script, that combine numerous PowerShell techniques and approaches. Along the way, you’ll learn about Remoting, jobs, and other key PowerShell technologies. This is not a hands-on course, and laptop power will not be provided. This crash course incorporates some of the same information that Don presents in his breakout sessions later in the week, although those often ad more depth and detail.

You will learn:

  • Learn key, core PowerShell techniques that apply across all products
  • Bypass “gotchas” and “trip-ups”
  • Shorten the PowerShell learning curve