Microsoft TechNet Day

MS03 How to Create and Use a Boot to VHD Installation on Windows 7 and Later

August 21st, 2012

9:15am - 10:30am

Chris Avis

Chris Avis

IT Evangelist


Do you dual boot? Would you like to maintain a more distinct boundary between your operating system environments on a single machine? Have you ever wanted a more portable operating system? Many people don’t know about the Boot to VHD feature that was introduced in Windows 7. The feature allows you to have your entire operating system, applications, and data in a single file that is bootable. It becomes much more portable and you don’t have to worry about troublesome file mixing that can take place in a multi-boot scenario. Better yet, you have full access to all hardware resources! Join us for this session where we walk through – How to create a bootable VHD file, how to prep your system for Boot to VHD, and some best practices and lessons learned on this exciting feature.