Becoming a Microsoft Virtualization Expert

T08 Private Clouds and Your Organization: Excedrin for the IT Pro

August 23rd, 2012

9:30am - 10:45am

Mark Minasi

IT Consultant, Author, Speaker


Ever since "The Cloud" appeared, it's generated a lot of discussion and the familiar old Three Horsemen of Innovation -- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Will it cost a lot of money? Is it secure and reliable, does it protect my privacy? Will it cost me my JOB? Will my current apps run on a cloud?

Those are hard questions but they're a lot easier if you build your own cloud.

Here's the basic idea. Take some of the main advertised benefits of public cloud: it's highly available, it's scalable as in "this app is really only busy on Tuesdays, so let me quickly pump up its disk space, RAM and CPUs, but only on Tuesday so I'm not paying for services that I'm not using," you can access its services over the Web from virtually any kind of browser. But let's say that instead of buying time on a public cloud, you decide to mix some servers, Windows Server, SCVMM 2012 and some SANs and build your own cloud. Then think again about the things that worry some folks about public clouds: security's not a worry on YOUR cloud, as hey, YOU'RE running the cloud boxes, you know how to secure your network, you've been doing it for years. Ditto privacy. Similarly, reliability's no longer a worry, as YOU'VE made the decisions about how much redundancy you want or can afford. Compatibility may still be an issue, but if it's your cloud, you've got more flexibility to make the call about loosening up the odd Reg entry than many public cloud vendors might allow. Come give it a look!

You will learn:

  • Learn how private clouds differ from public ones, and why those differences might sell you on the idea.
  • Understand how to get started in private cloud setup and management
  • Hear common scenarios for private cloud successes