Becoming a Microsoft Virtualization Expert

T06 Understanding (and Appreciating) the Windows Azure Platform for IT Professionals

August 23rd, 2012

9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory Intermediate

Yung Chou

Yung Chou

Technology Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation

Windows Azure Platform is an internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. It provides a cloud operating system and a set of .Net services for developing, deploying, and managing cloud applications in public cloud and as an extension of enterprise private cloud. Windows Azure Platform however is not just about writing globally scalable applications. IT now can integrate, virtualize, and optimize existing on-premises establishment with resources deployed to cloud. For IT professionals, Windows Azure Platform presents a unique opportunity to substantiate existing infrastructure investments and extends enterprise computing securely into public cloud. This session is to bring experienced IT professionals on board and demonstrating the key components of Windows Azure Platform including: architecture, computing model, and deployment from an IT professional's viewpoint.

You will learn:

  • Know Windows Azure Platform architecture and key components
  • Know the process to develop and publish resources to Windows Azure Platform
  • Know the emerging enterprise computing model with private and public clouds in a hybrid environment