TT09 Stupid DSC Tricks (That Snover Would Never Show You)

March 8th, 2016

3:45pm - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Don Jones


Curriculum Director for IT Pro Content


What if you wanted to make DSC deploy its own resources? Technically, you can't. What if you wanted to give it dynamic client-side filtering, a la GPO? Technically, it won't. But if you're willing to get a little clever with it, you can certainly get it to do a lot more than you expected. Maybe these aren't such hot ideas, but the techniques are a tonne of fun, and in exploring the possibilities you get to know a LOT more about how DSC, and its supporting technologies (like Remoting, repositories, CIM, and more) all work. And knowing is half the battle!

You will learn:

  • How to make a dynamic, self-modifying configuration
  • How to get DSC to pre-stage its own resources from a repository
  • How to totally break, and then un-break, the entire technology stack