IT Soft Skills

TH05 Elevate Your Career: Why Now is the Time to Earn Your PMP

March 10th, 2016

12:30pm - 1:45pm

Level: Introductory

Casey Ayers



Even in today's Agile-focused world, the PMP remains one of the most relevant and highly sought after certifications in IT due to its focus on principles that can be applied to a variety of project management methodologies. This session will provide an introduction to the PMP certification and exam to those who may have heard of it or considered earning it in the past, but have yet to take their first steps toward doing so.

You'll learn more about the PMP certification and how to determine if it may be a worthwhile step in their career. How to meet the PMP's three key prerequisites, and how to provide proof that these requirements have been met, will also be discussed in detail. The bulk of the session, however, will focus on introducing the PMP curriculum at a high level, sharing the learning objectives for the credential set by the Project Management Institute and the type of material candidates might expect to encounter in their studies.

You'll leave with a specific set of actionable steps in hand that let you pursue a PMP certification effectively regardless of where you might be on your career path at present.

You will learn:

  • First, this breakout session will help you determine if earning a PMP certification is right for you. Is it a cost-effective option? Will it help you take that next step in your career? Is it worth the time and effort entailed, given your background and aspirations?
  • Then, we'll explore the prerequisites that must be met before taking the PMP exam, and how you can meet them most easily. We'll look at how to catalog work experience, navigate the application process, and earn the training hours required before sitting for the exam.
  • Finally, we'll help you build your plan for PMP success, sharing information on the exam's structure, what material you'll need to master before taking the test, and advice on how to structure your studies to maximize your odds of passing it on your very first attempt.