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W11 Wireless Mobile Networks: What you Must Know about Mobility in Motion

October 12th, 2011

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Level: Introductory


Todd Lammle



GlobalNet Training & Consulting, Inc

For more than 30 years our industry has used the OSI model as its definitive reference for building and troubleshooting networks.  Heck, it even helped us create CompUSA from the standardization we were able to derive.  The OSI is comprised with independent layers, where changes in one layer cannot affect other layers’ responsibilities. Each layer is its own autonomous system that did not understand, nor care, what the other layers were doing.   You probably know how this works.  For example, OSI’s Network layer receives a segment from its Transport layer, which in turn creates a packet and hands it to a LAN driver on the Data Link layer, which frames it for transmission onto the local LAN. 

Yet even as entrenched as that OSI model has become, the times are a’changin’!  Cisco is bringing huge changes to the networking world by shaking up the OSI model as we know it.  Those changes make the OSI model as old school as CompUSA.  Cisco is doing this with their Mobility in Motion framework, creating a new mobile wireless standard you need to know!

Come to this informative and all-so-very-new talk on Cisco’s plans for taking networking to a level we’ve never conceived.  In it Todd Lammle will show you how cross-layer feedback and other exciting new capabilities built into Mobility in Motion create the “smart grid” of your wireless mobile networks.