An All New Focus on Windows Desktop Administration and Application Delivery

TH16 How to Completely Control Every Application with Group Policy and GPPs

October 13th, 2011

4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Level: Intermediate

James Conrad

James I. Conrad

MCITP, Server+, A+, Certified Ethical Hacker

Lead Recruiter, Instructor

Accusource CC, Inc.

You’ve invested heavily in software and deployment resources. If you’ve been smart, users will run their software as intended. If not, you might find users run applications that you neither authorized nor installed. These apps might be harmless games that kill productivity, or they could be unstable, poorly written apps that compromise the security or stability of your desktops.

Some simple apps do not require an installation, so even unprivileged users can to run them. In the past, Microsoft has implemented software restrictions that somewhat address these issues, but educated users could easily circumvent the restrictions. With today’s technologies, administrators can allow given applications to run as well as specifically denying others. Even when permitted apps are installed, some might require additional tweaks on each desktop. In this session, James Conrad shows you how.  Using Group Policy Preferences (GPPs), James will arm you with the level of customization and configuration lockdown your apps require.