Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Data Lake

SQW03 Troubleshooting Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools and Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouses


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Advanced

Steve Wright

Senior Database Solutions Architect


Are you struggling with performance issues in your Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools environment? Looking to optimize your usage for better results? In this session we dive into the world of Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools troubleshooting and performance optimization. We’ll also compare some basic concepts with what’s new in Data Warehouses in Microsoft Fabric and discuss what issues and approaches translate to this new platform.

During this session, Senior Solutions Architect, Steve Wright be discussing the following:

  • Learn about the MPP architecture and key components of Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools, laying the groundwork for troubleshooting.
  • Identifying Performance Issues: Discover common performance bottlenecks that can hinder the effectiveness of your Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools implementation.
  • Practical Solutions: Get actionable insights into resolving the identified issues. Learn about various options and strategies to optimize performance and make the most of your Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools setup.
  • Introduce and discuss how these concepts compare and translate to Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouses.