Cloud-Native Development

CCW03 A Day in the Life of a Container


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Esteban Garcia


Xebia | Xpirit

We live in a world where containers are everywhere. Maintaining a microservice application deployed through containers is not easy, and to add to it, your team has to understand all new concepts related to how containers work.

To be successful with containers and containerization in general, it’s important to first understand the container lifecycle. This talk will provide you with a fun and informative way to understand container technologies and how you can use their power to succeed.

A container's journey starts with an image - that is where it all begins! Once you've built an image, the image can't be changed. The only way to change an image is to create a new image. We'll talk about base and parent images, Dockerfiles, and the process of building an image.

We will then move to the lifecycle of the container itself, from the moment it is created, running, paused, stopped, and removed. The talk will take attendees through the journey that a container goes through in its quest to deliver business value. We will discuss orchestration and different tools that helps containers achieve their intended goals.

You will lean:

  • Understand container lifecycle
  • Container orchestration
  • How to get started with containers