Full Stack Web Development

VSTH15 Bringing Hypermedia to ASP.NET 7 Web API


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Advanced

Chris Woodruff

Team Leader, Engineering

Rocket Homes

When browsing the Web, we typically navigate from one site to another by following Hyperlinks. Those links make the Web for humans discoverable. Hypermedia APIs provide the same discoverability for services. According to Roy Fielding, Hypermedia is an essential part of a REST API, and the Richardson REST Maturity Model describes Hypermedia as the final step to the glory of REST. So, Hypermedia seems to be quite an essential thing for REST. However, Hypermedia is used very rarely. This is a bit sad because Hypermedia provides some excellent features to APIs. This talk will explain why and how to add Hypermedia to your ASP.NET 7 Web API solution.

You will learn:

  • More about REST with the Richardson REST Maturity Model
  • Expand the developer's ASP.NET Web API products with this essential part of REST
  • How to consume Web APIs with Hypermedia with .NET and JavaScript