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Cloud & Containers Live! Panel Discussion: Past the Hype: Cloud in the Mainstream


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Engineer


Mike Benkovich

Developer, Business Owner, Consultant, Cloud Architect, Microsoft Azure MVP and an Online Instructor

Eric D. Boyd

Founder and CEO


Esteban Garcia


Xebia | Xpirit

"The cloud" has now been around well over a decade. Over that time the hype, our hopes, and reality have slowly converged to the point that today many organizations have a good understanding of what they can realistically expect to gain by using a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Many solutions have been achieved through lift-and-shift, others by adapting existing software to the cloud, and the most successful involve building true cloud-native solutions.

Cloud is part of daily life in most organizations today. While a lot of innovation and change continues, cloud has largely moved beyond the hype and is now a basic part of IT infrastructure and application development. What does this mean for us as professionals? Will we see solutions to existing pain points and complexity, or are we resigned to live with what we have? Where is innovation taking the cloud?

Join our panel of experts as we discuss these and other questions about the state of the cloud today and tomorrow.