Track Key:
 Agile ALM / DevOps
 BI Big Data Data Analytics and Data Visualization Client
 Cloud Cloud Computing
 Containerization Continuous Integration
 Developing for Office, Office 365 and SharePoint  DevOps
 High-Value SharePoint Workloads: Social, Search, BI, Workflow, and Business Process Automation IT Soft Skills
 Java Keynotes & General Sessions
 Mobile Mobile Client
 Modern Apps Live! Security
 Server / Datacenter SharePoint, Office 365 and the Cloud
 SharePoint On-Premises Infrastructure Management and Administration Software Practices
 SQL Server Administration and Maintenance SQL Server for Developers
 SQL Server in the Cloud SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization
 The Real Cloud Visual Studio / .NET Framework
 Web Client  Web Server
 Windows Client (Windows 10/UWP, WPF)  Workshops